Briefing kange yune 2016 ' care about the body use of herbs and procedures to applying'

After visit agroguna in the village kalianyar kecamatan cotton , the finalists 15 large couples kange yune bojonegoro 2016 , on the second day of quarantine are invited visit tirta ayu spa , the cause of ahmad yani to be introduced about care the body and also culture used in care by tirta ayu spa , friday ( 7 / 10 / 2016 ) .

Arriving on tirta ayu spa , the finalists called around in some rooms which owned by tirta ayu spa sekaligis explained function the room , starting from the room facial , baby and kids spa , spa party , v-spa , till the room body therapist therapy .

' kange yune this is tourism ambassador , so tourism ambassador not only ideology will just tourism , but had to know what it is local culture , here ( tirta ayu spa ) also use culture namely herbs java used in the formula ... , ' personal word asistent director tirta ayu spa , purwaning istiqomah .

After around the whole room in tirta ayu spa , the finalists called see garden plant actual drug , where garden pilot this is various materials herb of herbs used by tirta ayu spa like saffron , ginger , temuireng , and also temugiring .

Meanwhile , representatives of the department of cultural and tourism ( disbudpar ) , enggar said , if the finalists tourism ambassador kange yune is very need to be given knowledge of care and procedures for how the body , especially in tirta ayu spa system kosmetiknya the use of drugs herbs .