Counseling on women's intimate organt health care

Hi Tirta Ayu Lovers, Saturday, October 29, 2022 Tirta Ayu SPA successfully held a social service event, namely Counseling on women's intimate organt health care. Because Tirta Ayu herself has a mission to help the surrounding community, especially women, in maintaining the health of women's intimate organs. In Indonesia alone awareness of the health of the female sex organs is very less. This is due to the lack of counseling and discussion of female sex organs which are still often taboo to talk about. Tirta Ayu as a Pioneer of Women's Intimate Organ Health wants to make women in Indonesia especially in Bojonegoro aware of the importance of Women's Intimate Health. Behind a strong family there is a woman (mother) who is the basic foundation in the family.

The activity which was held on October 29 was not only providing counseling but also distributing wet tissue specifically for the female intimate organs, namely "Tirta Ayu Sirih Arum Wet Wipes" & also V-Soap betel arum, which is a health soap for female intimate organs that has been tested and proven. has a safe PH to clean the area around the female sex organs. The series of events held in Karangsono Dander Village, Bojonegoro, were very enthusiastically welcomed by the surrounding community so that more than 50 people attended the event.

Tirta Ayu Lovers throughout Indonesia and the world, don't forget to support Tirta Ayu so that she can continue to help provide health counseling for women's intimate organs to all women in the world. FROM MSME TO GLOBAL