The history and the spirit that drives our business to become a global brand with well reputation and proven results.

History of

Tirta Ayu Spa is a professional spa operator service in the hotels, villas, and apartments was established on March 2008 Based in Jl.VeteranNo.1 Bojonegoro, EastJava – Indonesia. Tirta Ayu Spa also own a cosmetic factory and training centre.

Under the leadership of an expert spa management and good team, Tirta Ayu Spa was grow up well, and now have some branches in Indonesia and abroad.

Tirta Ayu Spa is the leading Spa company in Asia and Africa.

Trust in God and trust of what God has bestowed upon us:
“The Earth”

She was born in Kediri, a small town in East Java and a daughter of an ordinary family. Her father was a chief accountant in a private company and a painter as well. Her mother was an unpretentious housewife and very concerned about the education of the children. An art blood flows into her blood. After graduated from Senior High School, she continued her studying to Faculty of Architecture and graduation in 1989.

Unforgettable infliction in her life when her beloved mother was passed away caused of ovarian cancer. It was a very heavy depression for her. She witnessed the suffering of her beloved mother when she had to fight the deadly desease. Since then, flashed an idea on her mind that she has to do something for her and other women to avoid and prevent this deadly desease. She began studying the books about the disease, and starting to see a very close relationship between the modern lifestyle and cancer of the female reproductive organs. Finally she could not resist her desire to learn more and more about how to taking care of the female intimate organs in order to be healthy and away from the diseases. The one and only fastest way could be done is through learning about how to taking care of female intimate organs, which is in the beauty school and spa.

Based on the information from the internet, she went to Jakarta. she committed to study seriously and explore the science so it can be used to save herself and also useful to help other women. Finally her decision was made with highly determination and spirit from the blessing of the family she left her family and studied at the International Beauty School in Jakarta, after graduating from there, she took a diploma CIDESCO and the chosen title of the thesis was the treatment of the vagina with herbs and she graduated with The Best Student Award in 2007.

After graduating CIDESCO, then she took a course of acupressure female reproductive organs in China.

Finally, it was in 2008 in Bojonegoro a small town in East Java, Ir Lenywati Dipl. CIDESCO tried to make the home industry for a special cosmetics for vaginal area with selling market only from friend to friend. fact that the number of people who already using the products of Tirta Ayu Spa so unusual and unexpected, they admitted these product is an extraordinary useful.

In the same year by through a business partner, Ir Lenywati Dipl CIDESCO was successfully market the products to Africa and got a tremendous response and at the end of year 2008 Ir. Lenywati invited by her business partner to Africa to present her homemade products to several doctors who were there.

Various achievements and social activities undertaken by Madam Ir Lenywati Dipl CIDESCO while in Cameroon, Central Africa - made her name well-known in Cameroon, Several times she was asked to be a conference speaker in Africa and was also a guest lecturer at several universities / beauty school in Africa Central.

She had managed to market the product of Tirta Ayu Spa in Cameroon in collaboration with local entrepreneurs. Again the response of the public society who had tried the product of Tirta Ayu Spa was extraordinary, until now many investors from the countries in Africa who volunteered as a Distributor of Tirta Ayu Spa products. Currently the product of Tirta Ayu Spa has become the flagship product in Central Africa and West Africa.

After returning from Africa, Ir Lenywati Dipl CIDESCO with huge passion believed that the product of Tirta Ayu Spa made in Indonesia was able to compete with foreign products, become a motivation to move forward and develop ideals.

Now her mission to introduce Indonesian herbal product to the world community. In 2009 she managed to create a complete method of treatment for V-Spa and the first in Indonesia by using herbs and combines the techniques of Java and chinaand well-known as JACIVA.

Products of Tirta Ayu Spa now are not only popular in Indonesia but also known in overseas, especially in Africa, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea. The name of Ir. Lenywati Dipl. CIDESCO is known and she was often asked to be a speaker of various seminars and resource in a variety of media, both domestic and foreign, especially relating to the invention, care and beautify look for vagina.

Ir Lenywati Dipl CIDESCO into seriousness to developing the science and helping women had proved to never stop learning, in the year of 2013 she returned to Europe precisely in France to study again and deepen her knowledges in the field of SPA treatments Academy Es Vichy and managed to get a certificate.

All the science she developed and combined with knowledge about herbs which she mastered then to be applied in the treatment of female intimate organs.

In 2016 along with qibla in beauty treatments are started leaning with Korean Style, Ir Lenywati then returned deepen her knowledge about cosmetics and intimate organs in Bucheon, South Korea.

In line with the development of the business that began to explore several countries, and the products are recognized by other countries, especially in the continent of Africa so access trade between Indonesia and Africa are well known to her, then Ir Lenywati Dipl CIDESCO was elected as President of Indonesia Africa Trade Association, where her duty to promote and carry the products - from Indonesia to Africa.

Thus the life journey and lunge of the business of the founder of Tirta Ayu Spa Indonesia that has been passed through, starting as an itinerant sales for her own products till to the existing products available in other countries, this all just because of a tenacity, never give up, willing to fight and had a big dream.

And the only key is leaning on God's Will.


Ir Lenywati Dipl Cidesco


What’s in
TIRTA AYU spa’s corporate value

As a company, our only belief is to perform best in everything we do. From our spa services to our product manufacturing factory. At our factory, Tirta Ayu Spa’s product will always be handcrafted and of the highest quality. Our uncompromising quality and attention to detail, captures our core identity and beliefs. Tirta Ayu Spa will be the name which pass down to the next generation that is known and revered as the best quality herbal health care practice from Indonesia.


Become leading international cosmetic company specializing in female intimate organ treatment and female body treatment in general by sustaining Indonesian heritage using traditional herbs through research and modern technology.

  • Improving healthy company system to produce high quality cosmetics product for female intimate organ and female body treatment, while provides employment.
  • Increasing awareness among women to care about their intimate reproductive organ and to be healthy body and mind, and proud to use Indonesia local products.
  • Introducing the benefit of Indonesian traditional herbal medicine in cosmeticsand female intimate organ treatment to the world.